B&L Disposal Services (Creative Waste) 484-326-9774

Regular pick-up Monday and Thursday.

Trash must be placed at curb in trash cans.

(Bulk trash pick-up will be every Thurs.



*NOTE: All mattress's put out for bulk trash MUST be in a mattress bag or it will not be removed, if furniture is placed for trash along with a mattress it also must be in a bag

We encourage our residents to recycle old paper. Paper may be dropped in our recycle bin near the parking lot at Borough Hall 824 Main St.

*Shredded paper is accepted in bags, other paper is placed directly in the bin

Unacceptable items:

Cardboard, phonebooks, cereal boxes, plastic, aluminum and trash

Hazardous Waste Disposal - Click link for more info:

Delaware County Residents

Types of materials collected

Upcoming drop-off Event Schedule